Top Superfoods for Healthy Living

A diet comprising of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, essential fats and healthy proteins supplies the body micronutrients needed for maintaining optimum health. Among the wide range of healthy foods, some are considered especially beneficial for healthy living. These foods, popularly known as superfoods, are nutritional powerhouses.

Here is a list of ten superfoods that are extremely beneficial to the health.


Packed with numerous vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, apples can keep you healthy and happy. It is one of the few low glycemic index fruits that can be consumed by diabetics. The soluble fiber called pectin found in apple eases bowel movement and improves functioning of the digestive system. Pectin helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidant plant compounds in apple can protect your body from oxidative stress, a prominent cause of several illnesses.


The antioxidant rich blueberries are recommended by health professionals and nutritionists for reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. The flavonoids present in blueberries suppress inflammation, a property beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions.


Beans are one of the richest sources of fiber, protein, calcium and iron. The fiber rich superfood eases bowel movement, lowers cholesterol level in the blood, prevents overeating by keeping you full for a longer time and reduces risk of colon cancer.

Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat. This healthy fat reduces the risk of heart diseases by boosting the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol in the blood. Olive oil also contains antioxidant compounds that can protect your body from the harmful activities of free radicals.


Broccoli contains phytochemicals that can protect you from cancers, age related macular degeneration and heart problems. It helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood, supports detoxification and reduces inflammation.


It contains lycopene and vitamin C, two powerful antioxidant nutrients that improve cardiovascular function, reduce risk of cancers, especially prostate cancer, improve bone health and decrease risk of neurological diseases.


Salmon is a rich source of essential fats called omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are beneficial for the cardiovascular system, joints and cognitive health. They help to maintain healthy cholesterol level in the blood.

Green tea

Green tea contains powerful antioxidant flavonoids that can reduce cancer risks. Green tea lowers harmful cholesterol levels in the blood and may suppress inflammation.


Yogurt helps to maintain the healthy bacterial balance in the gut. It improves digestion and reduces risk of infections. Moreover, yogurt is a rich source of calcium.

Dark chocolate

The antioxidant rich dark chocolate is good for the heart. It is considered beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.